Responsive Design and Development

For those of us developers currently undertaking numerous “responsive design” projects. Site whereby it’s important the layout change depending on the device connecting; such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. We’ve recently come across a useful tool to make browser testing these devices a little quicker, and a little more “responsive” :)

If you weren’t aware, there’s a neat little FireFox plugin called “default user agent” that allows you to quickly “spoof” different user agents to see what a site would “reactively do” when visited by different types of devices.

This will save you developers from having to own every single different device. A handy plugin no doubt.

We still love our Adobe products, but Firefox has really dominated the developer world for some time. Now, if only Google Chrome would get its act together!

We're tired of having to hard-refresh, two, three times everytime we want to see a simple CSS change.