August 21, 2020
How exactly is this new React Native architecture relevant to your apps' performance? And what about your app development process? How does this re-architecture affect it? In other words, what benefits should you expect from this update? I've identified 8 major gains, that you can find listed here below. But first: a quick overview of the "old" architecture of React Native. Here's how React Native — the open-source cross-platform solution developed by the Facebook team — used to work. Basically, the old React Native architecture was standing on 3 key... pillars (or 3...
July 24, 2020
You get to: migrate configuration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, move configuration from development to production (or to stag, then to live), manage configuration between multiple Drupal websites in a multisite installation, manage configuration for multilingual websites. But how do you do it... the correct way? What are the Drupal 8 configuration management best practices to incorporate into your workflow? I've made a list of 9 do's and don'ts to keep in mind when managing and working with configurations in Drupal 8:
June 17, 2020
Just imagine: an app that runs on any platform, on any operating system... Cross-platform hybrid app development is a way too tempting trend to resist these days. But you ask yourself: React Native vs progressive web app, which one to use? How are they different more precisely? What are the pros and cons of choosing one over the other? When would you use React Native over a PWA and vice versa? What are their typical use cases? Now, let me get you some answers: 1. What Is a Progressive Web App?
May 26, 2020
It has been gaining quite some steam, everyone's talking about it on developer forums, but: is Kotlin Multiplatform production ready yet? And what makes this approach to cross-platform development so... interesting? Why not go with Flutter or Swift or... Now, let me shed some light on your questions: What is Kotlin Multiplatform? It's a code sharing mechanism (rather than just another cross-platform framework) that enables you to... Why use it? What makes this approach to cross-platform development so different? Is Kotlin Multiplatform production ready?
May 15, 2020
Ready to switch from your layout system (see Paragraphs' bloated database issue), endless twig and .tpl files, or template engine and move on to the new way of building out Drupal websites: using Drupal 8 web components? Are you eager, but maybe you still hold some doubts? Some unanswered questions that keep haunting you? How do you build Drupal UI components? What JS library do you choose? What are your best options when it comes to integrating web components with your Drupal projects? I've got the answers ready, so keep reading:
April 17, 2020
If you're reading this, then you must find yourself in one of the following Drupal 8 module development scenarios: you've migrated your website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and... surprise, surprise: one of the D7 modules needs to be developed from scratch now, you've found a contributed module that's almost a perfect match for that custom functionality that you need for your project; so, you need to tweak it a bit, you need to implement a particular functionality and... there's no core or contributed module that you could use; so, you need to create a whole new Drupal 8 module 
April 06, 2020
Your Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 upgrade will be "insanely" smooth. So they say... With Drupal 9 built in Drupal 8, all there's left for you to do is to remove all deprecated API from your website. Easier said than done. Just imagine yourself fine-tooth combing your codebase to: identify all errors and fix them, one by one, identify all deprecated code and remove it, manually, one by one, apply the same code updates, repetitively, as many times as needed. But what if you could automate deprecated API use removal from your Drupal site? You can, actually, with Rector-Drupal....
March 04, 2020
Are you building a Drupal 8 website that has some complicated revision and workflow rules? Or maybe you’re struggling to write migration plugins that should atone for various content revisions? Then you must be asking yourself: “What’s the most efficient way to work with Drupal 8 content revisions?” What are the best Drupal modules to use to incorporate revisions into your custom workflow? To enhance the Drupal versioning capabilities that Drupal provides you with out of the box? I took a look into my own toolbox, then did a bit of research, and I came up with this selection of 6 modules to use
February 22, 2020
Let's say you're a Drupal website administrator. One admin vs an entire “army” of writers, who edit and publishing content on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be great if you could... somehow... trigger an action that'll notify you each time new content gets uploaded? That's when the Drupal 8 Rules comes in. To help you configure and automate all types of workflows: from automated mailing to publishing content at a specific time, to... notifying a customer that a product is back on stock. o help you create “event-condition-action” workflows and put some...
January 22, 2020
What are Kubernetes deployments? What's a Kubernetes service? What key differences would a "Kubernetes deployment vs service" analysis reveal? Aren't they both abstractions in Kubernetes? If so... what's the difference? What does what? Let's get you some answers now... But First: What Is Kubernetes Deployment? A question that must have preceded your: "What's the difference between deployment and service in Kubernetes?" Now, here's a concise and accurate definition for you: Kubernetes deployment is an abstraction describing...