Drupal Portfolio

Welcome to my Drupal Portfolio, below you can see examples of some of the work I've completed using Drupal. The Drupal websites are the latest projects in my portfolio and reflect the work I have produced as a freelancer.

As a Drupal Developer Freelancer, I am able to offer my services for anything from setting up a module in an existing website to building an international multi-lingual e-commerce website. If you would like to further discuss how I may be able to help, then please contact me. And "Drupal" isn't the only common "link" in the chain of the web projects included in my portfolio, but "variety", as well. I confess that I'm drawn to challenges and to diversity in my work.

Therefore, as you can see here below, scanning through this "wall of achievements" of mine, I've already tackled tasks ranging from:

  • custom Drupal modules building
  • to Drupal sites building
  • to theming
  • to migration
  • to site-specific tools/functionality implementation

… for a quite surprising variety of websites.

The partnering companies operate in various industries and niche markets (entertainment, interior design and lifestyle, education, humanitarian aid, dental benefits etc.), so you can stay reassured: I'm open to any type of Drupal web project, no matter how niche your market might be or how site-specific your requests.

Whether it's just one new functionality that you need to implement on your current Drupal site or you need someone capable to carry out a full life-cycle Drupal web development project, to build you a Drupal website from the ground up, my 14 of experience as a web developer and, most of all, the company names listed on this "walk of fame" here make the best testimonial to speak on my behalf.