UltraViolet, Sony

Here's a project that added an extra touch of diversity to this “mosaic” of Drupal-powered web projects that make my portfolio! UltraViolet, Sony, the popular cloud-based digital rights locker, assigned me to leverage Drupal 7's capabilities and boost their website's functionality.

My Part in this Project:
To carry out a Drupal 7 implementation!

Why Drupal?

Birds of a feather flock together!
This motto makes is the most suggestive answer for this question, in the context of this web project here! Drupal, an innovative open source software, “meets” UltraViolet, the innovative service enabling consumers to own their purchased movies in digital formats. To access them from a variety of devices.

But this was just one reason for UltraViolet choosing Drupal over other CMSs available out there!

Since we're talking about entire personalized libraries that account users can put together, libraries including all their digital rights for movies and television shows that they've paid for, and since we're talking about an entire network of users and members, we're talking about an entire infrastructure. A content-heavy one!

And when you say “content-heavy website” and “thousands of users” that should be empowered to manage their own sections of content on the website (their libraries in this case), then you say “Drupal”! The only flexible and powerful enough technology to fit in.

The result?
Users (both library owners, meaning account holders, and the ones that they share their libraries with, that we call “members”) get to easily store their proofs of purchase and to put them all together into their own custom libraries. Then they get to play them on all kinds of devices, choosing from a variety of apps from several streaming services.

A service gaining more and more popularity among companies in the digital entertainment arena.
Another Drupal story of end user empowerment and content management challenges with a happy ending!