My friends, but, most importantly (for you, in particular), my partners granted me the reputation of a good listener.

So feel free to contact me for:

  • sharing with me your ideas of a new Drupal-powered web project, no matter how bold bold, "silly" or unrealistic they might sound to you right now (there are no impossible ideas, only bigger or smaller challenges)
  • "alerting" me about the bad experience that you've had on this website: what issues you've run into (since, let's face it: in 99% of cases visitors don't contact the admin to tell him/her what a great site they have there), 404 error pages that might have wasted your time, whether it was discouragingly difficult finding the information you were looking for or if you've simply found surfing on my website too cumbersome (there's no such thing as bad criticism, only suggestions for constant improvement)
  • simply asking for information on trending web technologies, on Drupal's features and particularities, on key differences among various versions of Drupal, whether Drupal suits your own web project or not or not entirely, on... the weather in Toronto, you name it.

Whether I'll be able to deliver you the information you need or not, you can be sure of one thing: you will get An answer to your mail!

Just fill in the form below and get in touch with the developer behind this website, the one running this "one man show": me, Adrian Ababei!