Mark Corrigan
Product Manager, IMPETUS Digital

I am pleased to recommend Adrian Ababei to you for a senior web development position in Drupal / PHP. Adrian has contracted for Impetus Digital for over 2 years now in a full-stack Drupal role, and has been invaluable in the development of our sleek private client portals (the Impetus InSite Platform™), as well as in the development of a variety of internal web marketing initiatives.

Adrian is thorough, consistent, and multitalented. He can invariably take functional requirements — be them vague and limited, or tedious and lengthy — and turn a solution around rapidly. Because of his extensive development experience and swift nature, he has one of the fastest turnaround times of any developer I have ever worked with. He would be an asset to any fast-paced agile team.

Based on the attributes and experiences I’ve outline above, I can enthusiastically recommend Adrian Ababei to you for any senior web development position in Drupal / PHP.

Brian Hendel
President, Splice Digital

We’ve now worked with him on two projects and we have been very happy with his quality and work ethic. He is a rare developer in that he keeps the momentum going and takes initiative. We feel that he would certainly be an asset to any team.

We would work with him again and recommend him for further projects.

Jay McCurdy
IT Manager, REDspace

Adrian Ababei has worked with REDspace. During this time, he has been a knowledgeable, dependable Drupal and PHP development resource who is always on-time, on-task and ready to assist in a team environment.

Adrian has been a valuable asset to REDspace (A services shop specializing in website, app and custom services development). He has always been cheerful and willing to assist with any task. He has contributed in a team environment and worked promptly to address tickets/issues on the project he is involved with. Adrian is also motivated and interested in learning new things.

Due to an unexpected reduction in hours/budget from the client of the project Adrian is working on, we needed to reduce his hours. This reduction in hours/budget has nothing to do with Adrian and his skills and I would highly recommend him as a strong developer in both Drupal and PHP. He has demonstrated a thorough understanding of Drupal and backend coding and would be a great addition to any team or as a solo developer.

Michael Lucia
Founder & CEO, LanguageTwin

Adrian has been a wonderful addition to our team and I would highly recommend him as a versatile asset to any development project.

Rebecca Younes
Lead Technologist, Cornell Law School

Adrian also has excellent communication and teamwork skills. Despite the fact that he telecommutes and we have not met face-to-face, communication has always been smooth, clear, and efficient.

Gregory Segall
President, One Pica Inc.

Adrian is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done effectively. He has a clear understanding of web development principles and his ability to apply them to solve problems reflects his excellent analytical abilities. His desire to share his knowledge with his peers, clarity in communicating his ideas and ability to systematically deal with a problem at hand make him suitable for team work.

Shuichi Odaka
Programme Officer, ReliefWeb, United Nations

I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian Ababei for any position pertaining to Drupal site building. I feel confident he would be an asset to your organization.

Michael Zimmermann
Webmaster, House & Home Media

It’s difficult to list his contributions to the House & Home online presence; without Adrian there would be no Houseandhome.com, no Maisonetdemeure.com, nor our various other online properties.