iHeartRADIO is so much more than "just another digital radio service". The whole concept behind it revolves around the idea of an all-in-one music streaming and digital radio service meant to bring users their favorite music and favorite radio shows in one single app!

My Part in This Web Project:

It was a full life-cycle web development project that involved me from A to Z. I was assigned to build the Drupal 8 custom website that for iHeartRADIO from the ground up.

A not at all minor challenge, considering the entire "infrastructure" of innovative services and features that my client envisioned for this website. And my responsibility was to implement them and to make them work without "sabotaging" one another and without (of course) compromising the website's overall performance.

Now when it comes to these innovative features that IheartRADIO takes pride in (since it was them that helped it set itself apart from all the other music apps available out there), I should definitely mention:

  • iHeartRADIO Plus and iHeartRADIO All Access that enable users to save and to replay their favorite tracks, to skip artist stations, to put together their own custom playlists and to listen to their music offline, as well
  • on-demand podcasts (comedy, news, entertainment etc.)
  • live music events
  • a collection of thousands of real radio stations to scan through and to  pick from
  • fine-tuning functionality: users get to customize their own stations with a thumb up or down as they scan through a library of 20 million songs and 800.000 artists

In a nutshell: iHeartRADIO is all about empowering the user/listener to take full control of and to personalize his/her radio station listening experience. To adjust it to his/her preference to the slightest details.

And what better framework for powering this daring project, with such a high level of user empowerment and need for customization involved, than flexible Drupal, right?