Student Life, University of Toronto

I added a new chapter to my valuable collaboration with the University of Toronto once they assigned me to build their Student Life Department's site. And so Drupal "saved the day" once again!

My Part in This Project:
My responsibility was to build a custom Drupal 7 website for the Student Life University of Toronto, Canada. A website "equipped" to cope with high traffic and an intricate infrastructure of data and multiple sections of content, both informative and inspiring, revolving around student life on St. George Campus.

Why Drupal?
Due to several key reasons:

  • from content editors' and administrators' standpoint, Drupal doesn't require them to be "web experts", as well, in order to easily manage content or maintain the website they administer. It's a CMS built with the user empowerment and the constant improvement of the editorial experience in mind. So, you can just guess what a tremendous advantage this becomes when we're talking about a whole “army” of contributors creating or editing content or applying different changes to a website on a daily basis
  • Drupal has already proven to be the most suitable solution for websites carrying loads of data and content and trafficked by thousands of visitors daily. And some of the most renowned universities in the world make the most reliable testimonials for its capacity to successfully power high-trafficked, content-packed websites
  • high education websites (their department sites, here included) need to comply with campus-wide standards and some very strict guidelines of accessibility, as well, and Drupal's already proven to be properly equipped for facing these challenges specific to all high education websites after all

The Result:
A grid-based user interface, a colorful one, "infused" with some of the youth vibe and all the energy defining student life around campus St. George. One that structures and makes navigation through the various types of content, various information structured in multiple departments and categories, highly intuitive.