United Nations

By far one of my most-rewarding (if not "the most") Drupal web development projects! ReliefWeb's THE leading humanitarian information portal in the world, a United Nations-administered one, that "has been fueling" some of the most ample   humanitarian aid interventions on the globe since 1996.

So, you can just imagine both the honor that I felt and the challenges I faced once I got assigned to work on their site building: multiple types of "vital" content that editors needed to be enabled to create, edit and publish on the portal with the utmost ease and truckloads of traffic.

My Part in This Project:
As already mentioned, I got assigned to work on their website's building project, which included custom Drupal module development, as well. There were multiple portal-specific needs to be served and therefore multiple functionalities to be implemented.

Why Drupal?
Well, first of all we're talking about a portal carrying an entire ecosystem of content types: maps, news, infographics, reports.

Secondly, the website includes several features or, better said, categories, such as    the one including information about all the available training programs or the one listing all the open jobs, categories that needed to be perfectly functional both individually, when the users accessed their dedicated pages, and as a consistent whole.

Last, but definitely not least, I was facing an even greater challenge: all those creating, editing and publishing content (most of it of critical importance in contexts of disasters and global crisis) needed a perfectly streamlined editorial experience. They needed to be able to manage content on the portal on-the-fly.

Not to mention the floods of traffic, particularly in case of emergency, of global disasters, where members of humanitarian aid organizations would flood in to get all the “fresh” information available on the portal prior to their interventions!