Future, University of Toronto

This was, undoubtedly, one of my most rewarding experiences as a Drupal developer:  creating a new custom website for Future, University of Toronto itself! A worldwide renowned high education institution, "competing" actually with the exclusive league including the top 5 US universities.

My Part in this Project:

As already mentioned: I was in charge with the development of a custom Drupal 7 website that had to include a specific set of required functionalities.

Why Drupal?

Like most universities, University of Toronto, too, incorporates a whole "constellation" of web properties, standing for: different departments, libraries, student groups, faculties, staff members. And such a "constellation" of mini-websites called for a framework that would grant it more consistency: a more uniform look-and-feel.

Not to mention, of course, that most of these individual sites should be built to function as large collaboration platforms, as well, and be "equipped" to handle truckloads of content, too.

And since Future, University of Toronto sets itself apart as an authentic research and innovation center of excellency, it was no surprise that they chose Drupal as a content management platform for their new site.

The Result?

An easy to navigate on website featuring a clean and neat theme with a well structured navigation menu and incorporated staff members pages, too.

A new website leveraging Drupal's capacity to handle both:

  • heavy loads of content: falling into 5 main categories: Academics, University Life, Visit, Apply and Finances, each coming with its own "ecosystem" of subcategories, too
  • huge influxes of traffic, as well: thousands of students, wannabe students and staff members accessing it daily, looking for information