The Latin Kitchen

I sure love it when I get to partner (and thus I'm invested with trust) with influential brands, that stand out in their industries. And sure is one of them: a so much more than just another food site!

The team behind it goes beyond the idea of "simply" creating and publishing Latin-cuisine related content, food recipes and so on. It's "full experiences" that they strive to build for their site visitors, where these get to do more than just "savoring" their food-related content.

Recipes rating and reviewing and users uploading their own recipes or scanning through all those available on and putting them together into custom cookbooks or personalized menus are just some of the innovative functionalities that have set this site apart from other food websites.

Not to mention all the content on TheLatinKitcheh, which is not made of food recipes only. It's a diversified "collage" of food videos, menu suggestions, table setting ideas, food news etc.

My Part in this Project:
My main responsibility was to build custom Drupal 7 modules that would add the requested extra functionalities to the website.

In addition to this, my other key tasks have been:

  • front-end-development-related
  • implementing a new responsive theme
  • using Double Click for the Publishers module
  • implementing a site performance-boosting strategy

The Result:
A food website which that has grown into a true "authority" in its niche. A site "equipped" to handle a complex "content mosaic" (ranging from a variety of written content to video content) and a complex network of content creators (reputed chefs, other experts in the food industry, experts in Latin cuisine, the website's own content writers and even site visitors), as well.