House & Home

So honored to see this brand's name listed on my "walk of fame" here! is undoubtedly an influencing brand in the home design industry of North America and knowing that I've brought my contribution to its online presence is utterly rewarding (and confidence-boosting).

My Part in this Project:

My contribution to the Houseandhome's current look and feel resides in the 4 main tasks that I was assigned to carry out:

  • Drupal custom modules building, which meant new functionalities that needed to be implemented to the website
  • Drupal site building
  • implementing a new theme
  • optimizing the website's performance

Why Drupal?

It's no "tricky question": the brand's website,, is not just content-rich, but highly diversified in terms of content, as well! It "spoils" its online readers with inspirational and advice type of content ranging from expert tips on furniture, fabrics, accessories purchase and combinations ("experts" meaning, in this case, well-known interior designers and stylists) to how to's, to "now and then" makeovers, to DIY tutorials and the list can go on and on.

Moreover, this heavy "load" of diversified content had to be updated on a daily basis. So, a user-friendly content editing and publishing experience was a MUST.

Content writers, editors, publishers depended on a streamlined content authoring process in order to cope with readers' expectations for "fresh" top quality content and in order to preserve the brand's reputation, after all.

Not to mention that a well-structured hierarchy of user roles and permissions was a key demand!
In other words: Drupal, itself, turned into a MUST for this web project!