Cornell Law University

Since you can't drive innovation (and, as a Drupal developer, I'm prone to innovative ideas and, therefore, to innovative web projects, too) without experimentation, when I got the chance to bring my contribution to this experimental project I couldn't have possibly say no it! is an e-platform created by a group of researchers from the Cornell University. It's been built both as a research platform, where citizens can learn all about the latest plans and rules initiated by federal agencies (summarized versions of the rules would be made public on the portal), as well as a digital environment triggering discussions and all sorts of reactions to the published information.

The main goal behind this "experiment" was to encourage citizens to participate, in an informed manner, to the rulemaking process.

My Part in This Project:
I had the opportunity to be involved in the website's development process, which included custom Drupal modules building, as well. Modules that would implement all the needed functionality and features for turning this experimental project into a 100% functional one from a technical standpoint. One "equipped" to meet all its target visitors'  and editorial team's needs and expectations. The public had to be able to easily access all the relevant materials and content creators to easily manage their content on the website.

Why Drupal?
With an increasing number of users accessing this portal, getting involved in discussions, asking questions regarding the materials they will have read and the need for all this content to be uploaded and edited with great ease, the web project had "Drupal" written all over it!